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129th GA - HB 153

128th GA - HB 1

127th GA - HB 119

126th GA - HB 66

125th GA - HB 95

124th GA - HB 94

H.B. 59 of the 130th General Assembly

As Passed by the House (complete pdf report)


ACC - Accountancy Board of Ohio

AGE - Department of Aging

AGO - Attorney General

AGR - Department of Agriculture

AIR - Air Quality Development Authority

AUD - Auditor of State

BOR - Ohio Board of Regents

BRB - Ohio State Barber Board

CAC - Casino Control Commission

CHR - State Chiropractic Board

CIV - Ohio Civil Rights Commission

COM - Department of Commerce

DAS - Department of Administrative Services

DDD - Department of Developmental Disabilities

DEV - Development Services Agency

DNR - Department of Natural Resources

DOH - Department of Health

DPS - Department of Public Safety

DRC - Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

EDU - Department of Education

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

ETC - Broadcast Educational Media Commission

EXP - Expositions Commission

FCC - Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

IGO - Office of the Inspector General

INS - Department of Insurance

JFS - Department of Job and Family Services

JSC - Judiciary / Supreme Court

LOT - Ohio Lottery Commission

MCD - Department of Medicaid

MED - State Medical Board

MHA - Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

NUR - Board of Nursing

OBM - Office of Budget and Management

OPT - State Board of Optometry

PRX - State Board of Pharmacy

PUB - Ohio Public Defender Commission

PUC - Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

RET - Retirement Systems

SOS - Secretary of State

TAX - Department of Taxation

TOS - Treasurer of State

Local Government


Note on Effective Dates & Expiration Clause