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H.B. 338


October 18, 2001


As Introduced


Rep. Core


No -

Minimal Costs



To eliminate the authority for referendums on assessments levied for improvements under the soil and water conservation statutes and to require that property owners be notified of uniform assessments under those statutes by first class mail in lieu of notification by publication


State Fiscal Highlights


        No direct fiscal effect on the state.

Local Fiscal Highlights



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FY 2003




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Minimal increase

Minimal increase

Minimal increase

Note: For most local governments, the fiscal year is the calendar year. The school district fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.


        The bill repeals the authority and procedures for a referendum regarding a uniform assessment. This could very minimally decrease expenditures due to the fact that a referendum is no longer required. If a referendum is no longer required, this could save paper, printing, and filing costs for counties. However, the objection and appeal process could be applied to uniform assessments. With the elimination of the referendum process, it is possible more objections and appeals could be initiated which might increase costs for counties.

        Currently, the notice to property owners by first class mail is only applicable to varied assessments. This bill would make the first class mail requirement applicable to uniform assessments as well. The mailed notice must include a description of the method used to determine the necessity for and the amount of the proposed assessment. The description of the assessment could be quite lengthy depending on the scope of the improvement project. Depending on the number of property owners involved and the scope of the project, the county soil and water conservation districts could see an increase in mailing costs.



Detailed Fiscal Analysis


This bill would repeal the authority and procedures for a referendum involving the levying of a uniform assessment for an improvement by a soil and water conservation district. Counties may potentially save money if referendums are repealed due to a reduction in printing, paper, and filing fees. However, costs for counties may increase because the objection and appeal process would be valid for uniform assessments. As such, it is possible that more objections and appeals would be filed. The Ashland County Soil and Water Conservation District had only two referendums in the last five years. As a result, it is likely that there would be few additional appeals brought forward in most counties.


Under H.B. 338, property owners charged uniform assessments must be notified by first class mail. This currently only applies to property owners charged varied assessments. There is also a requirement that a description of the method used to determine the assessment and the amount of the assessment be included in the notice. This would increase postage costs. The amount of the increase would be dependent upon the number of property owners involved and the scope of the project.


LSC fiscal staff: Wendy Risner, Budget Analyst