Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement

124 th General Assembly of Ohio

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Sub. H.B. 394


February 19, 2002


As Reported by Senate Education


Rep. Damschroder


No —

No local cost



To permit the board of education of a school district to provide for a period of silence each day for reflection or meditation upon a moral, philosophical or patriotic theme.


State Fiscal Highlights


·        No direct fiscal effect on the state.

Local Fiscal Highlights



·        No direct fiscal effect on political subdivisions.



Detailed Fiscal Analysis


This bill permits the Board of Education of local school districts to provide for a period of silence that is of a reasonable duration every day. Participation in the moment of silence would be voluntary and schools would be prohibited from promoting an establishment of religion or prohibiting a students’ expression during this time. There are no fiscal effect on the state government or local school districts as this bill does not require any expenditures.





LSC fiscal staff:  Meegan M. Michalek, Economist