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Sub. S.B. 150


March 20, 2002


As Passed by the House


Sen. Armbruster



No local cost



To provide owners of canoes, rowboats, and inflatable watercraft with an optional exemption from numbering requirements


State Fiscal Highlights



FY 2002

FY 2003


Division of Watercraft (Fund 086)


Potential minimal gain

Potential minimal gain

Potential minimal gain


Potential minimal increase

Potential minimal increase

Potential minimal increase

Note: The state fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. For example, FY 2002 is July 1, 2001 June 30, 2002.


        The fund may receive a minimal increase in revenues. Those individuals who choose not to have their watercraft numbered by the state will pay a higher registration fee of $17, instead of the current $12 fee.

        There will be a minimal expense due to the implementation of this bill. The Division of Watercraft shall issue and provide for the design of the decal. This should cost less than $5,000.

Local Fiscal Highlights


        No direct fiscal effect on political subdivisions.





Detailed Fiscal Analysis


This bill allows the owner of an individually registered canoe, rowboat, or inflatable watercraft to choose not to have it numbered by the state. An owner who chooses to have his or her watercraft numbered will be required to comply with current requirements. These requirements are a registration fee of $12 and the placement of two square identification tags on each side of the watercraft, as well as a permanent identification number on each side of its bow. An owner may choose not to have the watercraft numbered and pay a higher registration fee of $17. The owner would be given a rectangular tag with distinguishing color-coding. According to the Division of Watercraft, the increased registration fee for the single decal option will not result in any net changes to revenues because any increased revenues would offset a loss of federal grant funds the department is anticipating. The division receives a grant from the federal government for a boating safety program. The amount of the grant is based in part on the number of numbered vessels. It is estimated that the implementation of this bill and the new decal will cost the division approximately $5,000 per fiscal year.


Another provision in the bill requires registration fees for watercraft that are included in a livery registration to be paid annually rather than triennially. According to the division, this change will not have an effect on revenues. In practice, the division already offers the annual registration to liveries, not the three-year registration. The legislation is to resolve a conflict between two sections of the Ohio Revised Code.


This bill will not affect local governments. The only direct involvement local governments have is if they sell registrations for the division. The local governments that sell registrations are entitled to a vendor fee. This bill does not change the vendor fee.


LSC fiscal staff: Wendy Risner, Budget Analyst