Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement

125 th General Assembly of Ohio

Ohio Legislative Service Commission

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Am. Sub. H.B. 135


March 17, 2004


As Enacted Effective July 20, 2004


Rep. Willamowski



Possible indirect local effects



Makes revisions to Ohio Condominium Law


State Fiscal Highlights


        No direct fiscal effect on the state.

Local Fiscal Highlights


        No direct fiscal effect on local governments, but could have an indirect effect on property tax revenues.



Detailed Fiscal Analysis


This bill amends the Ohio Condominium Law and addresses many issues relating to the operation and governing of condominium complexes. None of these changes have a direct fiscal impact on the state or political subdivisions.


Local Indirect Effects


Under the bill, condominium unit owners associations are authorized to purchase, hold title to, and sell real property that is not declared to be part of the condominium property. The bill also reduces from 100% to 75% the majority of the unit owners required to consent to these and other transactions. With a relaxed requirement for an affirmative vote, the extent to which owners associations engage in real property transactions could increase. Depending on the type of transactions, this could either increase or decrease local property tax revenue as an indirect effect of this bill.



LSC fiscal staff: Erin Jones, Budget Analyst