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Ohio Legislative Service Commission



Nick Thomas

Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement


Sub. H.B. 393 of the 128th G.A.


May 24, 2010


As Passed by the House


Reps. Gerberry and Blessing, Jr.

Local Impact Statement Procedure RequiredNo — Permissive



Revises township notice requirements regarding nuisance properties 


State Fiscal Highlights

·         No direct fiscal effect on the state.

Local Fiscal Highlights

·         The bill could reduce township costs for nuisance property notifications.



Detailed Fiscal Analysis

The bill outlines a procedure that townships must follow when issuing subsequent notices of nuisance to property owners in situations where a previous notice was sent to the same property owner for the same parcel of land within the past year.  Specifically, the bill requires that a township make a subsequent notification by (1) first-class mail, (2) via posted notice documented by photograph, or (3) if the owner's address is unknown, by notice posted in the township's offices or on the township's Internet web site.  The bill then provides for a four day period in which the property owner is to abate the public nuisance, after which the township is to do so.  Overall, creating the subsequent notification procedure could reduce mailing and newspaper advertising costs for townships.  This is because, under current law, new and subsequent nuisance notifications are to be made by certified mail or by notice published in a newspaper of general circulation within the township if the nuisance property owner is unknown.     




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