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Nick Thomas

Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement


Sub. H.B. 393 of the 128th G.A.


March 5, 2010


As Reported by House Local Government and Public Administration


Reps. Gerberry and Blessing, Jr.

Local Impact Statement Procedure RequiredNo — Permissive



Revises notice requirements for township governments with regard to nuisance properties 


State Fiscal Highlights

·         No direct fiscal effect on the state.

Local Fiscal Highlights

·         The bill could reduce townships costs for nuisance property notifications.



Detailed Fiscal Analysis

The bill would make changes to notice requirements for township governments regarding nuisance properties.  Currently, if a landowner's address is known, townships are required to send notices regarding nuisance properties to landowners and any current lienholders via certified mail at least seven days before providing abatement control.  Alternatively, the township may indicate its intent to landowners by posting abatement notices on the principal structure on the land.  If any such notice has been made during the previous year, the bill would require townships to notify landowners via first-class, rather than certified, mail.  If the owner's address is unknown, current law requires townships to publish these notices in a newspaper of general circulation.  Similar to the provision discussed above, if such a notice has been made during the past 12 months, townships would be required to post this notice online for four consecutive days.  If the township does not maintain a web site, the notice is to be posted in a conspicuous location in the township's office building.  These changes are not expected to generate any additional costs for townships to implement, but could reduce expenditures related to nuisance property notices.




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