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Boards and Commissions
Ohio Legislative Service Commission
Lottery Commission, State
Status Type of Board Full-time Expiration Date
Current Permanent No
Subject to Sunset Review Partisan Affiliation Restriction Senate Confirmation Required
No No Yes
Authority Total Membership
R.C. 3770.01 3770.02 3770.03 3770.05 9
Dates of Appointment Term Length
3 on August 2 of each year 3 years
Ending Date Of Term Report Requirements
August 1 Specified annual report due as soon as practicable after the end of a fiscal year to Governor and General Assembly; reports of each meeting with Director of Commission to Governor, House Speaker, Senate President, and House and Senate Minority Leaders
Appointment Authority Membership Composition
Governor Members with other stated qualifications
Compensation Staff Assistance
Expenses Only, Specified Salary, $5000 annual salary Own staff
Chairperson Additional Information
Elected by the Commission from among its members annually
Appointed by Governor. Must be citizens of U.S., residents of Ohio, and represent various geographic areas of the state. Not more than 5 from same political party. Each must have prior experience or education in business administration, management, sales, marketing, or advertising, except for a member who must have experience or training in the area of problem gambling or other addictions and in assistance to recovering gambling or other addicts. No pecuniary interest in any license or contract awarded by the Commission.