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Boards and Commissions

Last Update: 4/29/2021

Milk Sanitation Board

Type of Board
R.C. 917.03
Total Membership
Dates of Appointment
2 - 1/1/10 and each 3rd year thereafter 3 - 1/1/11 and each 3rd year thereafter 2 - 1/1/12 and each 3rd year thereafter
Term Length
3 years
Ending Date of Term
December 31
Report Requirements
Not applicable
Director of Agriculture or designee
Subject To Sunset Review
Restriction on Partisan Affiliation
Senate Confirmation Required
Expiration Date
December 31, 2024
Appointment Authority
Membership Composition
Members with other stated qualifications, Statewide elected officials/department heads
Expenses Only, R.C. 124.15(J), R.C. 124.15(J) for appointed members
Staff Assistance
Executive agency staff, Department of Agriculture
Additional Information
The Board must create three standing subcommittees and may create other subcommittees consisting of Board members or nonmembers to review and consider issues relevant to the Dairy Law and to report findings and recommendations to the Board. The three standing subcommittees must consist of 8 members, and represent respectively Grade A milk production and processing, manufacture milk production and manufacturing, and frozen dessert manufacturing. The Director of Agriculture appoints all standing
7 members are appointed by the Director of Agriculture: 2 must be Grade A milk producers; 3 must be milk processors, 1 of whom must be a Grade A milk processor and 1 of whom must be a manufacture milk processor; 1 milk hauler of either Grade A milk or manufacture milk; and 1 manufacture milk producer. The 3 representatives of milk producers cannot be members or representatives of the same cooperative association. Director must consult the statewide trade organizations representing Grade A milk producers, manufacture milk producers, milk processors, and milk haulers before making appointments. Directors of Health and Agriculture, or their designees, are members.