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Boards and Commissions

Last Update: 7/18/2006

Toledo, University of, Board of Trustees

Type of Board
R.C. 3364.01 3364.02 3364.03
Total Membership
19, with 1 less nonstudent member each year (beginning 2007) until 11 total members is reached in 2014
Dates of Appointment
1 nonstudent and 1 student on July 2 of each year
Term Length
9 years for nonstudent members;2 years for student members
Ending Date of Term
July 1
Report Requirements
Not applicable
Elected by Board
Subject To Sunset Review
Restriction on Partisan Affiliation
Senate Confirmation Required
Expiration Date
Appointment Authority
Membership Composition
Members with other stated qualifications, Other
Expenses Only
Staff Assistance
Own staff
Additional Information
The Board on 7/1/06 must consist of 17 nonstudent members, 8 of whom were the members of the Board of Trustees of the Medical University of Ohio at Toledo before 5/1/06 and whose terms would expire after that date, 8 of whom were the members of the Board of Trustees of the University of Toledo whose terms would expire after 7/1/06, and 1 member appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to a term ending on 7/1/15. 2 additional members of the Board are University of Toledo students (nonvoting members). Each year through 2014, as the terms of the members of the former Boards of Trustees expire, these terms are abolished and replaced by 1 new appointee. No reappointment after serving a full 9-year term or more than 6 years of a 9-year term, unless 4 years have elapsed since the last day of the term for which the trustee previously served.